My Rescue Dog Teaches Me

Meet Kenzy. This morning some new friends and I were talking about dogs, and it was amazing that the three of us each had adopted rescue Border Collie mixes. Rescue is my favorite breed.

I often describe Kenzy as my diva dog. She is oh so smart. But when she gets upset or bothered, she goes and hides in her bedroom. Haven’t we all done that?

Another thing I love about her is her tenacity. When she wants you to play ball with her, she will drop the ball at your feet and just stare at it. She will simply sit down and stare at it as if it was going to do something astonishing. Minutes will go by and she just continues staring.

Why am I talking about Kenzy? First of all, I love the pic I took of her. Second, working on the website today caused me to want to hide in my bedroom. But I promised myself I would stick with it, even while doing new things on my computer. I have shown tenacity today.

This is a work in progress. If you like what you see, please share and throw some likes my way.

Have a great evening!