Setting Goals – Remember the Little Ones

In the Distance…Utah’s West Desert

How far away is this mesa….really? Do we really know how far away it is? Can we eventually reach it?

When I took this photo in the Utah West Desert, I couldn’t help but travel back in my mind to the time I was driving on Interstate 70 and crossed over from Kansas into Colorado. I think I was a little disappointed that we were not automatically in the mountains – we still had quite a journey to get there. I could see the mountains in the distance…but I could not say for sure when we would get there.

If you look beyond the mesa in this photo, you will see snowcapped mountains in the distance. These are intriguing! But, I need to reign myself in and focus on my immediate goal.. to actually stop this side of the mesa…there are wonders you cannot see in the distance that are perhaps hidden from those with loftier goals.

So, what’s my point? Do not forget that you must conquer and succeed at intermediate goals before you jump into conquering the bigger goals. The intermediate goals help you pace yourself, identify resources that may be necessary and helps you plan.

I am all about having big, huge plans! But I am grounded in that I know that the intermediate goals must be met before you jump towards the big one.

Thank you for joining me on my journey,