Moving Mountains

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

Oh man, this anonymous quote is convicting – at least for me. I know I have created many mountain ranges of doubt during my life. How about you? Oh, what obstacles we can create for ourselves! Are you ready for moving mountains?

As I venture out in sharing my images and my thoughts, I have had so many doubts. What if no one likes them, what if no one sees them, what if, what if, what if. Then one day it hit me.  I am posting and sharing because I like my work. This is a challenge for me – to improve, to be more thoughtful, to be more observant. What a feeling – it is freeing. Once I put things in perspective, the baggage of doubt was lifted.

So, what changed for me? I prayed. I asked God to guide me in my photography. He started moving the mountains that I had erected. The obstacles I have now, are not of my making – they are challenges to help me grow – creating websites, figuring out if selling my work is an option. My path is less cluttered, but the end is still up the mountain. But now I know I can continue the climb.

A little about the photo. These are the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. When I lived in Boise many years ago, driving to these mountains was my get-away, my escape, my time for rejuvenation. The air is so clean and crisp here. If you listen and are quiet, you can hear the river, the birds, and the wind in the trees. I hope heaven looks a little like the Sawtooths.

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