This isn’t just a cornfield. This is a landmark for me. Close to halfway to where I live to where I am from. I see it every time I go home. One year I passed by, and it had been destroyed by a wildfire. I was truly saddened by how much it affected me.
So, after work today, I was talking about Arkansas. I have driven through the state a few times and marveled about the beauty. Then I went on to hear about hidden gems in Arkansas. It is becoming a serious bucket list contender.
So…how does a cornfield in eastern Oregon and Arkansas meet in an Instagram based monologue?
We have such a tremendous, beautiful country that is so diverse, so overwhelming, and so awe-inspiring…
Go and enjoy it! Leave your predeterminations at home! Walk in someone else’s shoes! Learn to love what we have in common. You know, the Yankees and the Red Socks will always battle, but they share the love of baseball.
Let’s use this analogy… find some common ground. And, get out and see other parts of our country.
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