“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare.
So opines the poet.
A rose to me holds many different presentations. A yellow rose, for example, reminds me of my dearly departed mother. It was her favorite flower. Red roses remind me of my wonderful husband…he left me a dozen when we were dating. Rose bushes remind me of many locations where they have been major landscape components. I loved to be around them. And, finally, I have some scars from rose bushes.
I love roses…not just for their obvious beauty, but for the flood of memories I have with them.
I dried and kept my red roses from my soon-to-be husband 20 years ago.
When I see a yellow rose, I sometimes weep, thinking about when I tossed a yellow rose into the river where my mother’s ashes were placed.
Symbology – a rose is a very powerful symbol for so many cultures and peoples.
What a burden we place on such a delicate flower.
What are your thoughts on roses?
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