The Onaqui Wild Horses on the Utah West Desert

The Onaqui Wild Horses on the Utah West Desert
Look closely – you will see the four adults huddled around a foal, showing us that these are not solitary animals, they have a communal interest in safety, in foraging, and including raising the young it appears.

Yesterday we drove over 130 miles of washboard dirt roads in Utah West Desert. During that incredible journey, we saw no herds of cattle grazing, no herds of sheep grazing, we saw a handful of antelope, possibly one coyote, a few ground squirrels, and a handful of the Onaqui horses.

Ranchers and farmers pressure the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to consistently reduce the number of wild horses on public lands. The method that is used is inhumane. They will round up horses using helicopters and maintain them in corrals and pens until they are auctioned off. The really sad part is that not all bidders will buy the horses for themselves – many times these incredible animals will end up in a slaughter house.

I support management of the horses. Inbreeding and overpopulation can disintegrate the herds. But is a helicopter round up and a slaughter house the best way?

What about contraception? In the end, it is less expensive, more selective, and more controllable. It is more humane.

These horses are on OUR public lands.

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