Meet Rosemary!

Meet Rosemary! Well, I bet you already know her. For example, sometimes she is very dependable and other times she will likely surprise you!

Herbs, like Rosemary, make good subjects for photographs. The color, the texture, the patterns are fabulous! If only we could capture aromas!

Chefs and home cooks use rosemary regularly, especially when roasting meats. Because of the strong aroma, it compliments many other foods. Try it in vegetables – it is delicious. I like to roast potatoes with rosemary in the pan. I promise you will love it! And, try it in tea. You may be surprised.

I went into my backyard today for a photo safari. Not so much to capture animals (though I did get a good shot of my dog), but to explore the colors and textures. For instance, this shot I consider rather dramatic. I looked at my ugly juniper hedge differently. In addition, I realized that there are so many subtle things to see and explore.

The herb garden is my husband’s. He is a wonderful cook. Tonight, in fact, he is smoking lamb chops and has them marinating now. He included the rosemary that I took photos of this morning!