Watching Where You Step

Are you watching you step? As a photographer who likes to look at things differently, I find myself looking at the ground as much as I look upward to the sky. The ground can be fascinating! I came across these mushrooms in a rainforest in Costa Rica. My message is this, remember to look down when you are busy looking up!

How often are you coached to always look up and look forward? Do you want to know my opinion? If we do not look down once in a while and see where our feet are planted, who knows if we will stumble or not? Are we trampling on something and doing harm?

So many living creatures live beneath our feet. Have you ever taken the time to seriously watch ants? What about the early sprouting of your favorite vegetable or herb? Do you ever look at rocks in amazement at the colors and the shapes?

Metaphorically, there is so much I could opine about on this subject. But, I will safe that for another time.

Remember to look down.