SQUIRREL MOMENT, or, rather Chipmunk

SQUIRREL MOMENT! OK, rather a chipmunk moment.
Have you ever pondered a chipmunk’s feet? Me neither!
So, I have two things to discuss – first, seeing what we normally do not see, and second, why do you suppose Mother Nature graced the chipmunk with such long toes?

We all create images in our heads of what things should look like, right? Take Disney animals, for example. Deer should look adorable, with beautiful fur and in tip-top condition. But what are we to think when we see a deer with a splotchy coat, because of some parasitic condition or mange, or who knows what? What about seeing deer who have battle scars from territorial battles?

Let’s take a look at Chip & Dale – Disney’s infamous chipmunks. Were they drawn with enormous feet and toes? I honestly do not remember and it has been a long time since I saw them. I just Googled them – they were drawn with oval feet with no toes.

Please: I am NOT dissing Disney. Let’s remember the difference between fantasy and reality.

So, why do chipmunks have big feet and long toes?