Get Off The Beaten Path

Get Off the Beaten Path – Go and discover what others are missing!

Way too many people jump on the interstate, travel to a major attraction, eat in chain restaurants, shop in chain stores and miss the incredible opportunity to explore! We found this little church between Susanville and Lassen National Park. It is in northern California.

We stopped at a local diner for breakfast that morning. It was a great place, full of locals and the food was excellent and the portions were enormous! We absolutely did not need a poached egg on an English Muffin wrapped in paper.

I love to get off the major highways and go exploring. I call it “boondoggling.” I grew up doing this kind of adventuring. One of my favorite memories are with my mother and sister out in eastern Oregon being in a antelope traffic jam – in the middle of “nowhere!” That was many years ago and I still hear our laughter of our predicament. Memories can be very special when you do something different.

Recently, traveling to Arizona, my husband and I stopped in a little town for the night. We ate at the most exquisite Italian restaurant – and it wasn’t some well-known chain! I could go on and on about the experiences of getting off the interstate. But I want to challenge you to do so.

I get it.But you can still get off the Beaten Path.

I get it. We all have busy lives, need to get somewhere quickly, want the experience NOW, want instant gratification and so on. But, what if you factored in the process, or the journey as part of your experience? Would you not be willing to savor a little more of what you see and can do?

Just my two cents. Because the summer is winding down and people are squeezing in every experience they can, I believe they are missing the journeys.

Do something different and see something different! Explore our world and learn about others!