Taste of Summer

Just a whimsical taste of summer. Quasi-sunflowers abound in Utah. I rather like them, and they appear in many locations. Just a celebration of summer!

These may be considered weeds. They pop-up in unexpected places. They grow along roads, in fields, and are not purposely planted by anyone. Yet, we can sure enjoy them for what they are!

We have some of these that popped up in a sandy section of our parking strip that we share with our neighbor. They may be called a Cup Plant, a Cup Rosinweed, or a Carpenter’s Weed. I am not sure. Bugs love them. They hover around all of the time, and feed in the center.

These beautiful flowers grow up to 8 to 10 feet high. The plant is spindly, not very attractive. I have cut them to place in a vase and was disappointed. I think they should be left outside.

Could it be that Mother Nature gives us a simple gift? Maybe we should just leave some things alone? This is a lesson we could apply to so many situations in our lives. Let some things be.