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Paths Less Traveled

Paths less traveled…can be the gem you have been searching for.

I love to get out and explore. When I am looking to have an adventure, I want remote, desolate, and with no people, other than my family. This is my adventure and I do not always want to share it with my 1,000 closest friends.

Is this you? Do you want a backroad adventure? Find the paths less traveled – find the hidden gems in your own backyard. So how do you find your next big adventure?

How to plan for an adventure

  1. Learn to read a map. Alexa, Siri, and Google can be good, but what if land where there is no cell service and a road you are on does not show up on your GPS? Is your car’s navigation completely up-to-date?
  2. Ask your friends and acquaintances. What a great conversation starter or ice-breaker? My chiropractor has told me about a couple of off-the-grid locations and I have not been disappointed.
  3. Do your research? Find out about the history, the geology, the agriculture, the essence of your surrounds – or where you would like to go. Visit museums, local celebrations, and spend some time online to look into the area you want to visit.
  4. Plan smart. Always, always, always take plenty of water. We pick up cold cuts and cheese from the deli and put it in a cooler. Crackers and trail mix usually round out our munchies. I also have a small, old backpack where I have a permanent first aid kit and extra toilet paper packed, ’cause you just never know.
  5. Finally, depending on your potential exploration and your companions, I like to pack towels, a water bowl and a gallon of water for our dogs. We also will pack rock hounding gear sometimes. But most importantly, we always will pack the cameras, tripods, and binoculars.

Go out and have fun!