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Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine! This is just a fun meme for you to download and enjoy, Meerkats are funny creatures and are absolutely adorable. This sleepy one made me laugh! What a perfect expression for a Sunday!

Have you ever looked at sleepy animals? They can have expressions that can look like your Uncle Sid or Aunt Margie. Let’s give this meerkat a cup of coffee!

“Meerkats live in the deserts and grasslands of the southern tip of Africa. They are extremely cute, with bushy, brown-striped fur, a small, pointed face, and large eyes surrounded by dark patches. They average about 20 inches (50 centimeters) long, including their tail. These extremely social animals live together in burrows, which they dig with their long, sharp claws. Living underground keeps mob members safe from predators and out of the harsh African heat. “(Nat Geo Kids).

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Thanks for looking!

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla – it’s adorable!
This little baby gorilla is fascinated by whatever is in his hand – fruit, nut? He is exploring his world and seems quite captivated by his surrounds. He is willing to wander a bit from his parents while he looks to explore his world.
Western Lowland gorillas are from the Congo Basin on the west side on Africa. While plentiful in the dense forests and jungles, it is estimated that 60% of the species has been wiped out over the past 20 to 25 years. When people become aware what we share the world with, hopefully there will be more conservation.