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Trip of a LIfetime

Two years ago today, we started ona trip of a lifetime. Thirty two people embarked on an 8 day trip down the #ColoradoRiver, through the #grandcanyon and completing the voyage in #LakeMead.

Thank you #GrandCanyonExpeditions for such an amazing experience. Their 4 crew members were top notch! There were two rafts – each with 14 guests. We all knew each other on our raft, but it was amazing to see friends and family converge from Oregon, California, Utah, Kentucky, New York.

The other raft had people from Poland, England, Louisiana, South Carolina. We all became friends on this trip. Our last evening together was actually quite sad – but heartwarming because only the 32 of us, in all of the world, shared this trip together.

Friends, you will never regret taking a trip like this. I had a lot of time talking with the crew, and with the limited amount of people who have the opportunity to do a trip such as this.
If you want to experience a true adventure, see the rawness and fickleness of nature, see things that very few people have ever seen, and be able to look right into heaven on the star-filled nights, take this trip.

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