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Traveling the Scottish Highlands on the Applecross pass

Traveling the Scottish Highlands on the Applecross pass: I told some friends after my husband and I visited Scotland, that I think Heaven must look like the pass to Applecross in the Highlands. And we only had the privilege to see it because we asked an innkeeper in Stirling what he recommended we see. So we went venturing into the Highlands

Mark and I had a tentative itinerary for our trip, but it offered flexibility. This excursion was not on our radar, but you know the saying about the road less traveled. So we did it. We had the chance and may never again.

We had been in all kinds of weather, and this morning it was pretty damp and foggy along the Loch. I did not mind the weather – that is what the UK is known for, correct? As we worked out way north, the landscape became more rugged. Water flowed in streams from the hillsides. Pockets of fog settled in near the very few trees along the way.

We started our assent into the Applecross Pass. It is popular with bicyclists – it test their stamina as it ascends over 2,000 feet. We gently passed by a few of them, and I am still in awe of their tenacity to attempt this ride. It is a winding, one lane, narrow road. You cannot help but take it slow – but it does force you to look around and you can’t help but admire the view.

As we came to the top of the pass, the vista was breathtaking! The clouds had parted and the sun was shining. The water of the multitudes of lochs was the bluest I have ever seen in my life! The hillside were covered in heather, and you felt as if you could see forever.

Then we came across my Highland Cow. This may be one of the highlights of our entire trip. There it was, just grazing, appearing to not have a care in the world. I am not sure how close to the edge it was, but there was a loch below. The sun was at such a perfect angle to have it glisten on that ginger hair. It made it look so soft.

There were other Highland cows around and an untold number of sheep. It was such a beautiful location – my heart and mind wander there often. Up on top of the pass, I felt myself stop and quietly awe at the wonderment. I was almost brought to tears on the beauty, on how lucky we were to be there, and that we are unsure if we will ever be back.

I have always loved adventure. Let me encourage anyone who reads this to do something different – take a new way home, go down that unpaved road, do not always go where everyone else does – pave your own path.

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