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Do You Know Robin?

Do You Know Robin? Meet Robin.

This wonderful little fellow posed for photos when I was in Ireland. My husband and I were walking some backstreets of Kinsale when we spied this absolutely beautiful little bird. Our cameras were out and quickly engaged.

Today, I decided to identify this beautiful little bird. I searched Google for “a bird with an orange breast and head.” Up popped the result – Robin.

I mumbled something under my breath about Google being stupid. This is not a robin, I thought. Don’t they know what a robin looks like?

Then I dug deeper. Then I felt embarrassed. Thank goodness I was alone in my office when I blushed a 1,000 shades of red.

This is a European Robin. I am familiar with the American Robin. Who am I to tell the entire continent of Europe that they do not know their birds?

So, in typical Charlotte fashion (I am Charlotte) I decided to ponder this misidentification and gross assumption. Let me share my findings:

  1. Never assume anything! Research whatever you are pondering – and please look beyond social media.
  2. Be open-minded. With technology today – we have an opportunity to learn and listen to whole new perspectives!
  3. Tom-ma-to or to-mah-to…does it matter?
  4. Set you personal biases aside. If you are truly trying to learn, it is best not to have you biases interfere. If you are looking for validation of your beliefs – that is a whole new conversation.

So, what does a bird have to do with it? EVERYTHING! I am praying that the world becomes more open-minded, more exploratory, more willing to listen and learn.

Enjoy my bird photo.

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You Have To Get Out of The Boat

Old Wooden Boat in Kinsale, Ireland

Sometimes you have to get out of the boat.
Are you feeling safe inside of your comfort zone? I have been with my photography. But recently, I have been moved to do more with it, so I jumped way out of my safe place last night and announced to family and friends that I am going to do more with it.

It is scary.

I have been obsessed with photography since I was 5 years old. Because of such a life-long obsession, I have decided to dip my toes into the world of digital commerce! I have been selling images through stock photo sites for about 10 years, but I believe now is the time to expand. Please follow, like, comment, on the following sites. This is not a get-rich-quick venture. I am just trying to have my work seen.

I am working on a three collections of digital downloads. One collection is a set of encouraging and positive quotes, thoughts, and sayings on some incredible backgrounds.

The next collection is some sassy fun retro images taken from very old photos and applying thoughts current today. I hope they make you smile.

The last collection will be some of my finest work for your enjoyment.

Over the years, some of my work has ended up in books, travel guides and brochures, print advertising, etc. I have won awards in some international competitions and have received judges commendations. In addition, have had work in traveling exhibitions.

I want to reach a larger audience and I hope you will help me do so!

Thank you for reading this.

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