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Grand Tetons National Park

Jenny Lake – Grand Tetons National Park

One of my all-time favorite places on earth – Grand Tetons National Park. For those of you who don’t know, it is just below Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  
One of the reasons I like it so much, is that it is not nearly as crowded as its neighbor to the north. Go in the off-season. I was there in early fall 2 years ago with my husband and son. The memories of visiting here over 30 years ago swept over me, as time has been kind to the park. The National Park Service deserves more credit than they seem to ever receive. 
It was very quiet, but a storm is coming in. The wind is picking up and the temperature is dropping. It is becoming obvious that our time here will be shortened. 
When I need to escape and have a few moments to myself – whether in the hectic workplace, or now, when Zoom meetings can get a little tedious, I retreat back to the Grand Tetons in my memories. How can one not get wrapped into the glory of God’s creations and remember, that nothing, nothing is bigger than Him.