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Blooming Mint

Blooming Mint. OK, I know. We should never have let the mint bloom. At least we planted it in a pot so it would not take over the yard!
But, look at how dainty the flowers are. Look at the gentle shade of lilac. Look at the pollinator!
I am not sure what this little guy is, but our mistake is an opportunity for others.
Maybe, I will let the mint bloom and then start looking for mint honey. What do you think?

One thing I love to do with herbs is to pick a leaf and crush it in my hand. Afterwards, I quickly lift it to my nose and take in the fresh aroma. Different smells can promote certain memories. I remember landing on one such memory when I smelled pennyroyal at a nursery. I was immediately taken back to being 5 years old at my grandmother’s house in rural Oregon. It grew along the road and I smelled it everyday while we visited. In case you are wondering, it has a minty smell.

I don’t know where you live, but in the west we are in a desperate drought. When I saw the little bee in my photo, I was glad we had let some of the mint bloom. People are planting fewer flowers. Farmers are losing their crops. Our pollinators are losing their food source.

We cannot live without our pollinators. Encourage pollinators. Watch what you spray, turn a blind eye to flowering herbs, and let’s help these little guys.