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Lot of Catching Up to Do


We have a lot of catching up to do! As the days got shorter and crazier with the holidays, my time seemed to slip through my fingers so fast! I am finally catching up on my site, and I feel as if I am awakening from hibernation.

We have survived the holidays, we are now reconsidering our resolutions, and we may now take this winter opportunity to evaluate and do some actual planning for the year to come. I pray that all of you have survived the past two years and that we all have grown – not just grown tired – but that we have learned something from this crazy time. If we have not grown, then I feel it has been a lost opportunity. While I never want to repeat this opportunity, I look at this time as such.

What have I learned? I enjoy my craft and have learned that I had not allowed the time to pursue my craft as I have over the past two years. I have learned to take a chance. Look! I’m writing this! Big step for me. My technical skills have improved. I am looking at things differently, and more often.

Have you hibernated over the past two years or have you learned something over the past two years? Think about it.

Happy New Year and here’s to moving forward!



SQUIRREL MOMENT, or, rather Chipmunk

SQUIRREL MOMENT! OK, rather a chipmunk moment.
Have you ever pondered a chipmunk’s feet? Me neither!
So, I have two things to discuss – first, seeing what we normally do not see, and second, why do you suppose Mother Nature graced the chipmunk with such long toes?

We all create images in our heads of what things should look like, right? Take Disney animals, for example. Deer should look adorable, with beautiful fur and in tip-top condition. But what are we to think when we see a deer with a splotchy coat, because of some parasitic condition or mange, or who knows what? What about seeing deer who have battle scars from territorial battles?

Let’s take a look at Chip & Dale – Disney’s infamous chipmunks. Were they drawn with enormous feet and toes? I honestly do not remember and it has been a long time since I saw them. I just Googled them – they were drawn with oval feet with no toes.

Please: I am NOT dissing Disney. Let’s remember the difference between fantasy and reality.

So, why do chipmunks have big feet and long toes?

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla

Baby Western Lowland Gorilla – it’s adorable!
This little baby gorilla is fascinated by whatever is in his hand – fruit, nut? He is exploring his world and seems quite captivated by his surrounds. He is willing to wander a bit from his parents while he looks to explore his world.
Western Lowland gorillas are from the Congo Basin on the west side on Africa. While plentiful in the dense forests and jungles, it is estimated that 60% of the species has been wiped out over the past 20 to 25 years. When people become aware what we share the world with, hopefully there will be more conservation.